2059: July 17, 2020 NASW-LA YELLOW BOOK The Integration of Spirituality and Psychotherapy

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2059: July 17, 2020

8:30 am - 11:45 am. CST

The Integration of Spirituality and Psychotherapy. Presented by Jack Perkins, D.Min., LADC, CSAC, CCLC.

Spirituality is an important aspect in the lives of clients we serve; however, many counselors lack adequate training to effectively and ethically incorporate spirituality with counseling. Research validates the role of spirituality in counseling, resulting in higher levels of life satisfaction. An emerging philosophy of counseling encourages an integrative model, developing sensitivity to spirituality and application principles. A holistic model is presented to create sensitivity to spirituality, address ethical issues, and provide application material.

3.0 Clinical hours.